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Gokce D Sezgin

I am terribly saddened by this news... Reminder of how short life is. I hope he didn't have many regrets, and didn't place his better days in the future. May he rest in peace. Though our acquaintance was short, through the music ensemble we performed in together, I've always thought he was a good, fun, honest man, trying to make the most of his life.

May he rest in peace. My condolences to those he left behind, especially Xander.

Kelly Walter

Chris and I had some epic arguments; he was one of the few people I've met who was man enough to stand up and debate things without malice or resentment. No matter how heated a discussion, he was always ready for tunes afterward. A rare trait.

Josh Gerak

Got a chance to climb and bike with Chris over the years. A kind soul who will be missed. Bummer.

Greg Dearholt

The world has been blessed having Chris's touch and style in it! What a bright and kind person. It is my loss not seeing him In years and I will never forget his conversations and companionship on the climbing trips we took. I had been thinking about Chris this last couple of weeks... The spirit is strong Chris. Thanks for the inspirations.

Greg Dearholt

Charlie Wolf

I met Chris in the mid-1990s when I lived intermittently in the Seattle area, and we went on some climbing trips, I think some of his first, to the Leavenworth area. I recently looked his name up as I'm moving back to the PacNW, and was very sad to find that he'd died a few years ago. I remember animated discussions with him the car, his brilliant mind, eclectic interests- a renaissance man, rare thing in today’s world. He still leaves an impression me 20 years later as you can see. You will be missed Chris. Godspeed.


Hi Charlie, thanks for the memories. Yes, Chris was quite broad and deep in his interests, and I'm happy to say that his son, who is twenty and in his junior year at Brandeis, is very much the same. It makes me so happy to read these recollections from time to time. Welcome back to the PNW.

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